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Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives


Order Forms
The ATF Distribution Center where you can order paper copies of all the forms ATF provides.
Administrative Forms
Forms such as Document Management, Personnel Management, etc.
Alcohol & Tobacco Forms
Forms such as PACT Act Registration, etc.
Explosives Forms
Forms such as Application for License or Permit, Employee Possessor Questionaire, Restoration of Explosive Privileges, etc.
Firearms Forms
Forms such as Application for License, National Tracing Center Trace Request, Application to Register as an Importer, etc.
Training Forms
Forms such as Enforcement Training Programs, etc.
Federal Register Notices & Information Collections
Federal Register Notices and Information Collections as required by Federal Law.

Need to order paper copies of our forms and publications?

Visit the ATF Distribution Center to order official ATF forms and publications.

Please note that not all forms and publications are available for ordering, some are available for download only.