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For Immediate Release:
Art Resnick

13, 2000

French Aperitif Wine Label With No Sulfite Declaration

- Premiere Wine Merchants (Premiere), an importer located in New York,
New York, notified the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) that
they have voluntarily detained French aperitif wine products with the
brand name "Lillet", that had been imported without the mandatory "contains
sulfites" statement.

19,000 cases of Lillet French Aperitif Wines were imported into the United
States for distribution without the mandatory statement. Approximately
10,000 cases reached the retail market. Premiere Wine Merchants is taking
steps to correct this situation. Premiere has notified its wholesalers
to stop selling "Lillet". The company has also issued a press release,
posted an advisory on their web site, and established a toll free telephone
number to advise retailers and consumers of this health issue.

ATF requires
the statement "contains sulfites" or a similar statement to appear on
the product label of any alcohol beverage product that contains 10 or
more parts per million. This requirement is in place to alert individuals
who are sensitive to sulfites. Consumers should be aware that most wines
contain some level of sulfites.

ATF advises
consumers that products with the brand name "Lillet" contain sulfites,
even though those products may not have the required sulfite label.