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January 7, 2002

Guenoc Winery Suspension

John A. Torres, Division Director, San Francisco Field Division, Bureau
of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF), announced today that Guenoc Winery
entered into a voluntary 5-day suspension agreement with ATF. This action
occurred as a result of a 4-month investigation ending in May 2000.

The investigation focused largely on the use of a geographic brand name
on the wine label. From May 1998 through March 2000, Guenoc Winery labeled
approximately 60,000 cases of wine with the Guenoc brand name which did
not include 85% wine produced from grapes grown in the Guenoc Valley viticultural
area, as required by regulations. The Guenoc brand label also included
references to Guenoc on the neck capsule and back label, conveying a misleading
perception to the consumer.

Division Director Torres stated, " We are very committed to implementing
ATF's product integrity inspection program and will continue our efforts.
We work in conjunction with the wine industry to keep American wines competitive
in both the national and international markets."

The Guenoc Winery started to serve a 5-day suspension beginning December
31, 2001. Completion of the suspension closes this matter.