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Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives


8, 2003

Permit Advisory for Members of the Agricultural Community

the provision of a new law passed by the Congress as part of the Homeland Security
Act (the Safe Explosives Act), new requirements will go into effect beginning
May 24, 2003, regarding the purchase and use of explosives. Specifically:

  • While
    all purchasers of explosives will be required to obtain a federal permit on or
    after May 24, 2003, individuals, including farmers, with a limited need for explosives,
    can obtain a limited permit for such explosives from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco,
    Firearms and Explosives (ATF). Cities, towns or other political subdivisions
    are exempt from the ATF permit requirements.
  • An
    ATF limited permit will cost $25 the first year and may be renewed for $12 each
    additional year. The permit allows the holder to receive explosives up to six
    times a year in their state of residence.
  • Individuals
    who purchase display fireworks, or any other regulated explosive materials, prior
    to May 24, 2003, may not lawfully accept delivery of those materials after that
    date without a valid license or permit issued by ATF.
  • If
    you intend to purchase explosives, you may obtain a Federal explosives license
    or permit by contacting ATF's National
    Explosives Licensing Center (NELC)
    at (404) 417-2750.
  • You
    may also contact the NELC via e-mail at
    The e-mail should contain "Request for Application Package" in the subject
    line. Those who do not have access to the web may request applications by mail
  • National
    Explosives Licensing Center
    2600 Century Parkway NE
    Suite 400
    Ga. 30345

  • Any
    questions about the about the Safe Explosives Act, visit the ATF web site at,
    or call the ATF Public Safety Branch at (202) 927-2310.