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Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives

For Immediate Release

October 3, 2008

Important Information For Federal Firearms Licensees

In an attempt to clarify and simplify the completion of the ATF Form 4473 (Firearms Transaction Record Part I — Over the Counter) by prospective purchasers and Federal Firearms licensees, ATF has revised and updated the form.

The ATF Form 4473 is an important law enforcement tool used to prevent criminals and other prohibited persons from gaining access to firearms. This form is required to be completed by Federal firearms licensees prior to the transfer of a firearm to a nonlicensed person, with limited exceptions. The newest version incorporates many user — friendly features and promises to be easily executed by both purchasers and licensees alike.

We would like to thank all the industry members who have submitted their comments and suggestions that were incorporated into this form’s new look and design, and also for their diligent efforts at maintaining complete and accurate records required under the Gun Control Act.

This new form and the important notice will be mailed to all licensees beginning the middle of October 2008. (Please see Important Notice).