Hispanic Heritage Month Employee Reflections Jenniffer Frias

Jenniffer Frias is an executive assistant working at ATF headquarters. She joined the bureau as an employee in 2015 with a goal of making a difference for Hispanic employees at all levels. Jenniffer Frias ATF Hispanic Employee Resource Group Program ManagerShe worked in the Diversity and Career Impact Programs group and served as a recruiter. In 2020, she channeled her passion for championing diversity initiatives and became ATF’s Hispanic Employee Resource Group – Special Emphasis Program Manager.

In January of 2022, she became the Chairperson of the Department of Justice - Association of Hispanic Employees for Advancement and Development. Frias also works with ATF’s Diversity and Inclusion Branch to provide professional development programs throughout the year. This includes coordinating guest speaker series, networking opportunities and mentoring activities.

Early Career Path

Frias earned her undergraduate degree in business/marketing from University of the Sacred Heart in Puerto Rico and her graduate degree in global management and marketing from the University of Phoenix.

She began working for ATF in 2009 as a contractor with Forfeiture Support Associates at the Newark Field Division and then she was hired as a federal employee as an Investigative Analyst. Frias also served as a Diversity Career Impact Program Recruiter and Coordinator with the Newark Field Division.

Prior to joining ATF, she worked as a contractor for the Federal Bureau of Investigation as an Asset Forfeiture Analyst in Puerto Rico and the Language Unit in Miami, Florida for eight years. When her mom was diagnosed with cancer, Frias stepped away from her career to care for her mom full time.

Culture and Family Principles

Frias grew up in the Dominican Republic and came to the U.S. more than 30 years ago determined to learn new skills so she could build a better future for herself. She is proud of the values her family instilled in her such as a strong work ethic, helping others and using creative problem solving.

She also enjoys spending time with her family and friends, especially during the holiday season when they celebrate the Feast of Three Kings and Christmas. She also enjoys drinking Dominican-style coffee while taking a break in her favorite rocking chair.

Increasing the ranks of Hispanic and Latinos in Federal Law Enforcement

Frias believes it is important for federal law enforcement to leverage diverse voices to protect and serve local communities. This includes enhancing recruitment efforts with the Hispanic community, partnering with higher education associations, colleges and universities that serve to primarily minority communities.

Jenniffer likes the meaning behind the 2022 National Hispanic Heritage Month theme “Unidos: Inclusivity for a Stronger Nation” because it focuses on the word “united.” According to Frias, “we must work together to embrace the importance of diversity and accept others from different cultures. When diverse communities collaborate, the global community gains access to more innovations, opportunities and jobs.”

Last Reviewed September 15, 2022