Italian American Heritage and Culture Month Employee Reflections: Joseph Bertoni

Joseph BertoniJoseph Bertoni is a management and program analyst in ATF’s Office of Field Operations. Bertoni first joined ATF as an intelligence research specialist within the Arson and Explosives National Repository, now known as the U.S. Bomb Data Center. Serving over 24 years with ATF, he has held numerous positions, including certified fire investigations operations specialist and supervisory program analyst.

Before joining ATF, Bertoni served as an investigator with Fairfax County, Virginia, Fire and Rescue. During this time, he had the opportunity to work alongside ATF as they performed fire and explosives investigations. Inspired by ATF’s cutting-edge practices, technology and innovations in the fields of fire and explosives, Bertoni decided to join the team in 1999.

Inspiration from Family and Culture

Bertoni recalls the Italian saying, “La famiglia e tutto,” which translates to “Family is everything.” For him, that saying is true. Growing up in an Italian American family, Bertoni was raised with strong values: caring, loyalty, dignity, duty, perseverance and service to others. He credits who he is today, both personally and professionally, to his upbringing, which taught him to always try to make a positive difference.

Bertoni draws inspiration from his Italian American heritage – emphasizing the important contributions Italian Americans have made to the law enforcement community. He believes Italian Americans such as former New York City Police Department (NYPD) Lieutenant Joseph Petrosino, NYPD detective Michael Fiaschetti, and U.S. Attorney General Charles Joseph Bonaparte have contributed to making America a safer place. Bertoni is also inspired by the many unsung Italian American individuals who have positively contributed to the story of America and continue to do so every day.

Importance of Diverse Voices in Law Enforcement

The federal workforce serves the American public, and because of this, Bertoni believes that it should represent all American voices. Representing the public through diversity and inclusion helps create an environment with multiple perspectives, ideas, values and views. Diversity strengthens workforces and enables compassionate, inclusive, transparent, fair and better service to the public. Bertoni believes that diversity is necessary for the success of federal law enforcement agencies, including ATF.

When asked what advice Bertoni would give to someone seeking to join ATF, he said, “It’s a great agency with wonderful and committed people.” He believes the agency is large enough to successfully work towards our mission and small enough that everyone knows one another. “Folks that come to ATF will find a ready home where they can grow personally and professionally,” he added.

Reflecting on Italian American Heritage and Culture Month

When reflecting upon Italian American Heritage and Culture Month, Bertoni noted that this year’s was especially meaningful as he recently traveled to Italy for a reunion with his extended family members. It is important to Bertoni that Italian American history is remembered. This month provides a time for this remembrance, as well as for celebrations of the achievements, accomplishments and contributions of Italian Americans. Bertoni thinks it’s important for all Italian Americans to reflect on how far they have come, the challenges they have faced and the opportunities that lie ahead.

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Last Reviewed October 26, 2023