Asian American Pacific Islander Month Employee Reflections Andrew Graham

Andrew Graham Enforcement Programs Services Deputy Assistant DirectorAndrew Graham is the Deputy Assistant Director (DAD) of ATF’s Enforcement Programs and Services. He oversees operations at ATF’s National Services Center in Martinsburg, WV, home of the National Tracing Center, National Firearms Act branch, Firearm Ammunition Technology Division and Firearms Explosive Services Division (licensing centers).
DAD Graham’s team is responsible for partnering with local, state, federal and international law enforcement agencies to trace firearms used in crimes. They use all of ATF’s resources and technical knowledge to protect the public and reduce violent crimes.

Celebrating AAPI Heritage

As a U.S. citizen of Indian heritage, DAD Graham recognizes the importance of celebrating one’s culture. He cherishes time with his family, enjoys both traditional and modern Indian foods, and speaks the Hindustani language, a dialect of northern India.
During Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) Month, DAD Graham asks all to remember that you cannot become successful by doing things alone. This is where our diversity, talent, can-do attitude, and skills mesh together as a team.

Leadership and Service

Throughout his career, DAD Graham’s commitment to public service motivated him to apply for leadership roles, giving him the opportunity to enhance approaches to ATF’s regulatory mission. Outside of ATF, he also served for 9 years in the U.S. Air Force and Army National Guard in Washington, DC and Nashville, TN.
As a senior executive leader at ATF, DAD Graham is proud that ATF employees are here by choice and that their loyalty to the mission fuels their efforts to protect and serve this nation. He believes that collaboration at all levels of the organization is a key requirement to creating powerful and successful leaders.

Last Reviewed May 3, 2022