Industry Operation Investigator and Public Information Officer John is interviewed by a local news station on Kansas filed division activities.John is an Industry Operations Investigator in the Kansas City Field Division currently serving as the Public Affairs Officer. He has worked 19 years at the ATF and has several additional years in law enforcement. Prior to starting his ATF career, John was a probation and parole officer, a crime scene investigator, and a deputy sheriff until sustaining a career ending injury. Although he wasn’t a music major, music scholarships for saxophone paid for much of his college education. Music continues to play an important part in John’s life and has taught him many lessons that he continues to use today such as speaking in public, dealing with criticism, dedication pays off, and the team is bigger than any one person.

When not at work, John spends considerable time volunteering with a local high school marching band. Peer support and chaplaincy work is a huge part of John’s life. John has a love for those in police and fire service and perhaps his greatest calling in life is using his experiences to help them cope with the inevitable pain of their work.

Thank you, John, for telling our story and inspiring others to give back. We appreciate the unique qualities of each of our employees. It’s what makes ATF collectively better.

Last Reviewed June 11, 2020