• Name: Dolly
  • Specialty: Explosives Detection
  • Breed: Labrador Retriever
  • Color: Yellow
  • Sex: Female
  • Weight: 60 pounds
  • Birthday: April 16, 2008
  • Training: ATF National Canine Center, Front Royal, VA
  • Handler: Special Agent Canine Handler Gerry O’Sullivan
  • Location: New York Field Division
K-9 Dolly started her training with the Puppies Behind Bars organization, where she was raised by inmates in a minimum-security federal prison in Connecticut. Dolly then completed her 16-weeks training program at the ATF National Canine Center in Front Royal, Va., to become an Explosives Detection Canine (EDC). Special Agent Canine Handler (SACH) Gerry O’Sullivan and K-9 Dolly started working together in 2009. Dolly has been trained to detect the latest homemade, military and commercial explosive threats. Her job is to protect the public by assisting ATF agents and law enforcement officials find bombs, firearms, ammunition, and shell casings. When K-9 Dolly is not working she likes to hang out with Cliff, SACH O’Sullivan’s previous canine partner, who is now retired.
Recent Find:

K-9 Dolly and SACH O’Sullivan recently responded to assist the ATF Pittsburgh Field Office with a search warrant at a residence for alleged unlawful possession of explosives. Dolly alerted to a bag in one of the upstairs bedrooms, which contained grenade fuzes, grenade bodies, and rifle powder. K-9 Dolly also searched the exterior property and surrounding woods where she located a large storage container buried in the ground with only the top of the container showing. The container was removed from the hole in the ground and when opened revealed it contained numerous grenade fuzes and flash bangs that had been reported stolen from a business licensed by ATF to acquire and store explosives. The suspect worked at this business.

SACH O’Sullivan and K-9 Dolly also worked the Boston Marathon bombing investigation.

Last Reviewed April 21, 2017