• Name: Randi
  • Specialty: Explosives Detection
  • Breed: Labrador Retriever
  • Color: Black
  • Sex: Female
  • Weight: 50 pounds
  • Birthday: August 22, 2011
  • Training: ATF National Canine Center, Front Royal, VA
  • Handler: Special Agent Canine Handler Rennie Mora
  • Location: Denver Field Division
K-9 Randi started her career with the Guiding Eyes for The Blind, Inc., but soon found she was best suited as a detector canine. Randi is an Explosives Detection Canine (EDC), and can detect the latest homemade, military and commercial explosive threats. Her job is to help ATF agents and law enforcement officers locate explosives, spent ammunition, and firearms.
K-9 Randi lives with her handler and travels and works nationwide. When not working, Randi enjoys being around people, playing with her other canine friends and playing fetch.
Recent Finds:
K-9 Randi and Special Agent Canine Handler (SACH) Rennie Mora recently assisted local law enforcement with the search of a residence related to a shooting at a high school. K-9 Randi located a box of ammunition during a state search warrant.
Last Reviewed April 21, 2017