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Open Data and Resources for Developers

In addition to the published format of the U.S. Firearms Trace Data at, the data is available in an open interactive format (as a pilot). The interactive data contains no different or additional data than the U.S. Firearms Trace Data ATF has traditionally published at The open data is being published in accordance with the President’s Digital Government Strategy and the Executive Order on open data. The interactive data is currently limited to 2011 and 2010; prior-year data will be added in the near future.

Available interactive datasets, which include the ability to generate charts and maps that users can view within their browser, are listed below. Click on a dataset to view and interact with it. To download the data in bulk, view the interactive version of the data, and click ‘Export’ to choose a desired format.


In addition, the same data is available via Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), listed below, in accordance with milestone 2.2 of the Digital Government Strategy. Developers can use these APIs to build applications using this data. Each API contains more detailed instructions for its use.