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Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives
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District of Columbia Field Offices

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Contact Industry Operations for questions or information relating to:

  • Firearms (FFL) or Explosives (FEL) Licenses
  • Licensee Firearms Theft or Loss
  • Machineguns, Silencers or other NFA weapons
  • Firearms, Ammunition and other importation issues
  • Shipping of firearms
  • Proper sale/purchase/transfer of firearms, ammunition or explosives
  • Other firearms/explosives industry questions

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Contact the Criminal Enforcement for questions or information relating to:

  • Suspected illegal firearms possession/sales/purchase
  • Suspected criminal activity involving explosives, tobacco or arson
  • Any other law enforcement matter
Washington Groups

1401 H Street, NW, Suite 900
Washington, District of Columbia 20005
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Group I (HIDTA)
Group Supervisor
Voice: (202) 648-8148    Fax: (202) 648-8151

Group II (Firearms Trafficking)
Group Supervisor
Voice: (202) 648-8105    Fax: (202) 648-8002

Group III
Group Supervisor
Voice: (202) 648-8090    Fax: (202) 648-8003

Group IV (Intelligence/ Regional Crime Gun Center)
Group Supervisor
Voice: (202) 648-8100    Fax: (202) 648-8004