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Charles F. Stevens

Name:  Charles F. Stevens

Date of Birth: 1868

Date of Death: 09/25/1929

Location of Death: San Antonio, Texas









Prohibition Agents Charles Stevens, J. P. Murphy and Robert Hirzel were returning to the San Antonio office after having seized an illicit distillery about 30 miles south.  As they approached San Antonio, they were suddenly ambushed by several men hiding in the woods. During the subsequent gunfight, Agent Stevens was badly wounded.  Although rushed to the Santa Rose Hospital, he died the following day. In the investigation that followed, Lynn Stephens was identified as one of the persons responsible for the murder of Agent Stevens.  He remained a fugitive for 20 years.  In 1949, he was arrested, later convicted, and sentenced to 38 years imprisonment.


Agent Stevens joined the Prohibition Unit on 2/28/1921.


Agent Stevens was born in Texas.  He was survived by his wife, Trixie.