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Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives
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Dale F. Kearney

Name:  Dale F. Kearneybadge 4

Date of Birth:  1900

Date of Death: 07/06/1930

Location of Death:  Aguilar, Colorado









Prohibition Agent Dale Kearney was shot from ambush while walking down the street in Aguilar, CO.  His murderer was never identified. The murder of Agent Kearney is strongly linked to the 8/28/1930 disappearance of Prohibition Agent Ray Sutton near Raton, New Mexico; about 30 miles away.  Both men were considered outstanding agents and very aggressive in going after moonshiners.  A known gang was hauling moonshine between New Mexico and Colorado and it is surmised that in both instances, since the agents could not be bribed, threatened or coerced, the gang decided to kill them.


Agent Kearney joined the Bureau of Prohibition on 7/1/1929, with an annual salary of $2,300.  He carried badge #1422.


Agent Kearney was born in Bode, IA.  He was survived by his wife, Frances (nee Brown) and their daughters, Kathleen and Caroline.