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Dano M. Jackley

Name:  Dano M. Jackleybadge 3

Date of Birth:  1879

Date of Death: 05/14/1929

Location of Death:  Riverdale, Maryland









Prohibition Agents Dano Jackley, W. Blandford, Lamar York and Charles McCartney, were performing a routine patrol on the Maryland roadways looking for suspicious cars transporting liquor.  As they drove along Baltimore-Washington Boulevard in Riverdale, they observed a Ford Roadster which appeared to be loaded with liquor. The agents gave chase for about 15 miles and attempted to overtake the vehicle in Berwyn.  However, as they drove along side, the suspect vehicle suddenly turned sharply to the left, catching the front tire of the Government car and causing the agents' car to spin out of control and crash into a telephone pole.  The suspect immediately left the scene. In the accident, Agent Jackley was thrown hard to the floor and complained of internal injuries.  He was rushed to Providence Hospital in Washington,DC, but later died. The suspect vehicle was later traced to Edward Martin of Washington, D.C.  He was identified as the owner and arrested for manslaughter. In court, the agents were unable to identify Mr. Martin as the driver of the Ford Roadster and he was subsequently exonerated by a Coroner's jury.  However, Martin was arrested by the U.S. Marshals and charged with assaulting a Federal officer.


Agent Jackley joined the Prohibition Unit on 2/1/1922.


Agent Jackley was born in Jamesville, OH.  He was survived by his wife and their daughter, Ruth. He is buried in Cameron, WV.