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Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives
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David W. Doyle

Name:  David Walter Doyle

Date of Birth:  1922

Date of Death:  09/04/1969

Location of Death:  Delisle, MS




On 9/3/1969, Special Agent Doyle left his home late in the evening to meet a confidential informant regarding a major liquor violator.  Several hours later the Special Agent in Charge was notified that Agent Doyle was involved in an accident near Delisle, MS.  Although rushed to Gulfport Memorial Hospital, he died shortly after arriving. An accident investigation showed that the government automobile had been driving on the Kiln-Delisle Road towards Gulfport.  The vehicle was involved in an undetermined single car accident, when it left the roadway and struck a large tree.


Agent Doyle joined the Alcohol Tax Unit (ATU) on 5/25/1950, and served in the Clarksdale field office prior to his transfer to Gulfport, MS. Agent Doyle's official personnel file documents that he graduated from an "arson investigation training course" at Purdue University in 1952.  This is noteworthy because heretofore, ATF's investigation of arson as a Federal crime was believed to have started in the late 1960's. Prior to joining ATU, he was a police officer in Milwaukee and as a security specialist for the Atomic Energy Commission. He served as a SSgt in the U. S. Army during WW-II and held the rank of Captain in the Reserves at the time of his death.


Agent Doyle was born in Milwaukee, WI.