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Elvis W. Myrick

Name:  Elvis Wesley Myrick

Date of Birth: 1896

Date of Death: 04/03/1940

Location of Death: Montgomery, Alabama




On 11/13/1939, Special Agent Elvis Myrick and other agents were raiding a still near Panola, AL.  As they approached, the still hands were apparently alerted and ran off in different directions. Ralph Fielder ran directly towards Agent Myrick, who attempted to place him under arrest, but they got into a scuffle.  Agent Myrick shot him twice, once in each leg, when he attempted to grab his gun, but Fielder continued to fight and knocked Agent Myrick unconscious.  He attempted to flee, but was arrested by other agents. Agent Myrick was rushed to the local hospital, but died approximately five months later from injuries received during the fight. Fielder pled guilty to assault charges in Federal court and received five years probation.


Agent Myrick joined the Prohibition Unit on 12/3/1925, with an annual salary of $1,860.


Agent Myrick was born in Green Hills, AL.  He was survived by his wife, Lou Olive and one son.