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Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives
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Ernest B. Vlasich

Name:  Ernest Benedict Vlasich

Date of Birth: 1906

Date of Death: 10/14/1932

Location of Death: Clark County, WA









Prohibition Agents Ernest Vlasich and Ballard Turner went to the home of Jesse Cousins located about 25 miles NE of Vancouver, WA.  The agents had planned to make an undercover purchase of moonshine whiskey.  Prohibitions Agents Crowell and Kirby, in a second automobile, parked about 200 yards from the residence to provide security during the operation. The agents successfully purchased 2 gallons of moonshine from Cousins and then advised him that he was under arrest.  Without any warning, Cousins drew a .380 caliber pistol and fired at both agents.  Agent Turner was struck twice in the heart and died instantly.  Agent Vlasich was shot three times and seriously wounded.  The back-up agents immediately responded to the house and found the two agents lying in the driveway.  Cousins had fled.

Agents Vlasich and Turner were transported to St. Joseph's Hospital in Vancouver.  Agent Vlasich underwent an operation to remove two bullets and the doctors believed that his prognosis was good.  However, he died several weeks later. A posse of Prohibition Agents, along with State and sheriff deputies was quickly formed to search for Cousins, but he was an expert woodsman and remained hidden and out of sight. Two months later, Prohibition Agents along with Sheriff R. E. McCrite, found Cousins hiding in the woods of Clark County and arrested him. At trial, Cousins was found guilty of first degree murder by a jury and sentenced to life imprisonment at the State Penitentiary.


Agent Vlasich joined the Bureau of Prohibition on 7/1/1931, with an annual salary of $2,300.   He carried badge #362.


Agent Vlasich was born in Seattle, WA.  He was survived by his wife, Vasa (nee Murray) and their daughter, Mary Ann (who was born 13 days after he died). Agent Vlasich also had two sons from a previous marriage, Ernest, Jr. and Fred William Vlasich.