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Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives
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Eugene J. Pearce

Name:  Eugene Joseph Pearce

Date of Birth: 1892

Date of Death: 02/10/1932

Location of Death: Alexandria, LA









On 12/18/1931, Prohibition Agents Eugene Pearce, Paul Hornaday and W. H. Chilton were patrolling the roads near Alexandria, LA, looking for liquor transporters.  They observed Chester Campbell driving a Ford Touring car at a high rate of speed.  Campbelll, a known violator, was accompanied by three other suspects. The agents chased the car for approximately 12 miles before forcing it to the side of the road.  Campbell, in an effort to escape, took off running with Agent Pearce in hot pursuit.  When Agent Pearce caught up with him, they struggled for several minutes before Agent Hornaday arrived to assist.  Campbell grabbed a gun and in the tussle that followed, Agent Pearce was shot in the left arm.

Agent Pearce was taken to LeCompte Hospital where he underwent treatment for a gunshot wound.  He remained under the care of various specialists during the next several months and required another operation to repair major nerve damage. On 2/10/1932, as a direct result of the gunshot wound, Agent Pearce developed a blood clot and died.


Agent Pearce joined the Bureau of Prohibition on 8/20/1928, with an annual salary of $2,300.  He carried badge #782.


Agent Pearce was born in St. Mary's Parrish, LA.  He was survived by his wife, Lucile and their son, Robert.