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Irving B. Washburn

Name:  Irving B. Washburn

Date of Birth: 1894

Date of Death: 07/13/1928

Location of Death: Albany, New York




During the early morning hours, Prohibition Agents Irving Washburn and Wilfred Grisson were working in the Madison Avenue section of Albany, NY.

The agents stopped a car loaded with illicit liquor and attempted to arrest the driver, Joseph Schepist (AKA: Joseph Skeps) and several other male occupants.  Schepist and the others resisted and during a scuffle, Agent Washburn was fatally shot.

Before he died Agent Washburn identified Barbero "Jack" Zulo as the person that shot him.  Arrest warrants were also issued for Joseph Schepist, Joseph Zulo and Angelo "Charlie" Gutta.


Agent Washburn joined the Prohibition Unit on 7/31/1926, with an annual salary of $1,800.  He served in offices at Buffalo and Albany, NY.


Agent Washburn was born in Ossining, NY.  He was survived by his wife, Mary (nee Van Wormer).