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James C. Capen

Name:  James C. Capen

Date of Birth:  1880

Date of Death:  05/11/1928

Location of Death:  Cumberland, WY









Prohibition Agents James Capen and Percy Epperson searched a ranch owned by Mike Soytik near Cumberland, WY.  The agents located and destroyed a still hidden on Little Muddy Creek and arrested Soytik. As Soytik picked up his coat and hat, he grabbed a rifle and began firing, seriously wounding Agent Capen.  Agent Epperson returned fire striking Soytik six times.  Agent Epperson then placed both wounded men in his Government car and drove to a hospital in Kemmerer, WY. Agent Capen and Soytik both died while being carried into the hospital.


Agent Capen joined the Prohibition Unit on 1/1/1924, with an annual salary of $1,800.


Agent Capen was born in Michigan.  He is buried in Rock Springs, WY.