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Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives
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James L. Molloy

Name:  James Logan Molloy

Date of Birth: 1880

Date of Death: 01/31/1939

Location of Death: Tennessee




On 12/30/1938, Special Agent James Molloy was driving his government 1938 Ford Coach when the car went into a skid on an icy roadway.  The vehicle crashed through a bridge railing and fell approximately 20 feet, seriously injuring him. Although quickly hospitalized, Agent Molloy died one month later.


Agent Molloy joined the Prohibition Unit on 2/4/1920, and served in offices in Kentucky and Tennessee. He was among the first new agents hired to enforce the National Prohibition Laws. Previously, he had worked as a police officer and deputy sheriff.


Agent Molloy was born in Spencer, TN.  He was survived by his wife and children, Robert, Ryden and Helen.