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John Capano

John Capano

Name:  John Capano

Date of Birth: 1960

Date of Death: 12/31/2011

Location of Death: Seaford, NY





On December 31, 2011, Special Agent John Capano, age 51, went to Charlie’s Family Pharmacy to pick up a prescription for his father. Already inside the pharmacy was a suspected robber. Agent Capano followed the robber from the pharmacy and attempted to apprehend him outside the business premises. At the same time, a bystander ran to a nearby delicatessen, owned by a retired police lieutenant, and shouted that the pharmacy had been robbed. The deli owner, accompanied by an off-duty police officer, rushed to offer assistance.

Upon arrival at the pharmacy, the men observed two men fighting for possession of a firearm. During the struggle with the robber, Capano’s duty weapon discharged one bullet in the direction of the deli owner, who, believing Capano was the suspect, returned fire, killing Capano. The robber then made one more attempt to seize Capano’s weapon, and was shot and killed by the off-duty officer.


Special Agent Capano is survived by his wife, and two children.