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John Watson

Name:  John Watson

Date of Birth: 1889

Date of Death: 05/02/1921

Location of Death: Anthony, New Mexico



Prohibition Agents John Watson and W. R. Holeman attempted to arrest several bootleggers near Anthony, New Mexico.  During an ensuing gunfight, both Agents Watson and Holeman were seriously wounded. The agents were rushed to the local hospital, where the attending physician, Dr. Paul Gallagher, gave a pint of his own blood in a heroic effort to save Agent Watson.  Sadly, he died two days later. Agent Holeman survived.


Agent Watson joined the Prohibition Unit with an annual salary of $1,500.  His brother-in-law was also a prohibition agent. Previously, he served as a Captain in the U. S. Army.


Agent Watson was born in Lebanon, MO.  He was survived by his wife.