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Joseph W. Floyd

Name:  Joseph W. Floyd

Date of Birth:  1872

Date of Death:  05/17/1922

Location of Death:  Houston, Texas









Prohibition Agent Joseph Floyd accompanied by another unidentified agent, stopped a suspicious truck and found it loaded with illicit liquor.  When they attempted to place brothers, Leon and T. C. Briggs under arrest, a gunfight ensued and Agent Floyd was killed. The residence from which the truck departed was later searched and a quantity of narcotics was seized.  The residents were arrested and later prosecuted on a variety of Federal charges. The Briggs' brothers were prosecuted by the State for the murder of Agent Floyd.


Agent Floyd joined the Prohibition Unit on 11/18/1921.  Agent Floyd also appears on the DEA Memorial, since drugs were ultimately involved in the investigation resulting in his death.


Agent Floyd was born in Madisonville, TX.  He was survived by his wife and their four children, Louisa, Jo, Carmen and Joseph, Jr.