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Leonard A. Welty

Name:  Leonard Agnew Welty

Date of Birth: 1883

Date of Death: 04/13/1933

Location of Death: Baltimore, Maryland




Prohibition Agent Leonard Welty was on duty at Fort McHenry, MD, when he slipped and fell down a stairway.  He was immediately taken to the U. S. Marine Hospital in Baltimore and treated for a broken leg. However, ten days later Agent Welty suddenly died while in the hospital.  An autopsy revealed that he had suffered a blood clot to the heart.  Doctors believed the clot originated from an on the job injury to his ankle six months earlier and not from the broken leg.


Agent Welty joined the Bureau of Prohibition on 6/4/1929, and was assigned to the Baltimore Field Division.  He carried badge #1606. Previously, he proudly served in the U. S. Navy from 1901 to 1918.


Agent Welty was born in Washington, DC.  He was survived by his wife and their five children; Florence, James, Edna, Charlotte and Ruth.