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Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives
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Otto P. Butler

Name:   Otto P.  Butler

Date of Birth:  1890

Date of Death:  12/10/1929

Location of Death:    Cushing, Oklahoma




Prohibition Agents Otto Butler and George Danhour, accompanied by Payne County Deputy Sheriff Dave Humphries, executed a Federal search warrant at the home of John Young in Cushing, OK.  Young and his wife, Latosca, were reputed to be the "heads of a negro underworld gang" engaged in liquor trafficking and also connected to a "dope" ring. Inside the residence a struggle between agents and Young developed when he attempted to destroy a quart bottle of whiskey.  Latosca drew a hidden gun and shot Agent Butler several times.  John Young also shot and seriously wounded Agent Danhour. Agent Butler died at the scene. The Youngs escaped, but were later arrested on State murder and Federal assault charges. They were convicted on the Federal charges and each received 10-years imprisonment.


Agent Butler joined the Bureau of Prohibition on 4/16/1929, with an annual salary of $2,300.  He was on the job less than eight months.


Agent Butler was born in Kansas.  He was survived by his wife and son, Tommy.