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Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives
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Richard P. Daniels

Name:  Richard Phillip Daniels

Date of Birth:  1920

Date of Death:  09/24/1974

Location of Death:  Little Rock, AR




Special Agent Richard Daniels and a confidential informant were traveling on separate motorcycles to investigate an illicit distillery outside of Little Rock, AR. As they crossed a bridge near Little Rock, Agent Daniels' motorcycle hit a guard rail throwing him off the bike.  Although medical assistance quickly arrived, he was pronounced dead at the scene.


Agent Daniels joined the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax Division on 6/25/1961, and worked in offices at Camden, Pulaski and Little Rock, AR. Agent Daniels was the recipient of a Superior Performance Award.  His undercover investigation of five major liquor violators resulted in 20 criminal cases and the arrest of 35 defendants; in the Eastern and Western Districts of Arkansas. He was commissioned a 2nd Lieutenant in the U. S. Army/Air Force during WW-II and at the time of his death, he held the rank of Lieutenant Colonel in the Army reserves.


Agent Daniels was born in Mena, AR.  He was survived by his wife, Helen.