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Robert R. Evans

Name:  Robert Richard Evans

Date of Birth:  1889

Date of Death:  04/19/1941

Location of Death:  Durham, NC





Special Agent Robert Evans had spent the evening interviewing a suspect at the Rocky Mount Police Department and was returning to Durham, NC. According to several eye-witnesses, at about 11:15 p.m. as Agent Evans drove along Highway 70 outside Durham, a suspected drunk driver cut in front of his government automobile causing a collision. As a result, the government car overturned and Agent Evans was crushed.  He died at the scene.


Agent Evans joined the Bureau of Prohibition on 2/6/1931.  He served in many different field offices, including Boston, Baltimore, Providence, RI; Roanoke, VA; Jacksonville and St. Augustine, FL; and Charlotte and Durham, NC. Agent Evans had previously been involved in several well publicized gunfights with moonshiners.  He was considered an outstanding agent. Previously, Agent Evans was a detective with the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Police.


Agent Evans was born in Utica, NY.  He was survived by his wife, Florence Elizabeth and their daughter, Alona.