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Samuel Leeper

Name:  Samuel Leeper

Date of Birth:  1889

Date of Death: 07/31/1940

Location of Death:  Marion, Tennessee




Special Agents Samuel Leeper and Frank Rennick were participating in a raid and subsequent seizure of a cache of illicit liquor in Marion County, TN.  During the raid, the agents were ambushed by members of the McNabb Family, well known local bootleggers.  The McNabbs, armed with shotguns, killed Agent Leeper and seriously wounded Agent Rennick. Five members of the McNabb family, Benjamin, Raymond, Freeman, Barney and Emil, were arrested by agents and charged with the murder and assault of Agents Leeper and Rennick, respectively. Three of the McNabb brothers were later tried and convicted and sentenced to 45 years imprisonment.  However, the Supreme Court later overturned their convictions.  During the retrial, they were again convicted, but only for voluntary manslaughter, and each was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment.


Agent Leeper joined the Bureau of Prohibition on 6/30/1931.


Agent Leeper was born in McMinnville, TN.  He was survived by his wife, Annette (nee Stainback) and his father, Rev. F. L. Leeper.