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Wilford Winn Thomasson

Name:  Wilford Winn Thomasson

Date of Birth: 1900

Date of Death: 02/14/1937

Location of Death: Austin, Texas




Special Agent Wilford Thomasson along with other agents had seized a still and arrested two prisoners along the Colorado River, west of Austin, TX. During the search for additional violators, Agent Thomasson found Pete Martinez, a Mexican citizen, and another suspect hiding in a building.  He called out for them to surrender, but Martinez began shooting at Agent Thomasson.  During the exchange of gunfire, Martinez was killed and Agent Thomasson seriously wounded. Agent Thomasson was taken to the local hospital, but died several hours later. Three additional suspects were later charged in the death of Agent Thomasson and one, Ike Young, was convicted of murder and sentenced to life imprisonment.


Agent Thomasson joined the Bureau of Prohibition on 4/1/1932.  He was assigned to offices at New Orleans and San Antonio, TX.


Agent Thomasson was born in Abilene, TX.  He was survived by his wife; May Larue and one child.