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William R. Blandford

Name:  William Roy Blandford

Date of Birth:  1884

Date of Death:  05/12/1934

Location of Death:    Washington, DC




During the conduct of an investigation, Special Agent Blandford suffered a massive heart attack on 14th Street in Washington, DC.  He was rushed to Garfield Hospital, but died soon thereafter.


Agent Blandford joined the Prohibition Unit circa 1920.  He was a well known Prohibition Agent and throughout his career was reported to have been involved in many gun battles with bootleggers during the Prohibition era. During Prohibition, Agent Blandford was the Administrator for the 4th District (Baltimore), which is similar today to a Special Agent in Charge. Previously, he served in the U. S. Army from 1917-1919 as an infantry captain and Assistant Provost Marshal of Paris.


Agent Blandford was born in Wooster, OH.  He was survived by his wife; two sons, Donald and Lt. William Blandford, U. S. Army; and his mother, Elizabeth Blandford of Crestline, OH. Agent Blandford received a military funeral and is buried at Arlington National Cemetery.