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William H. Stuart

Name:  William Henry Stuart

Date of Birth: 1889

Date of Death: 03/23/1954

Location of Death: Purdue Hills, Alabama




Special Agents William Stuart and Francis Parish accompanied by two State officers were executing a Federal search warrant on the home of George Dean in Purdue Hills, AL.  Dean was suspected of operating an illicit distillery. As the officers entered the home and began their search, Dean, without any warning, shot Agent Stuart in the stomach with a shotgun.  Agent Stuart returned fire.  Agent Stuart died at the scene. Agent Parish successfully disarmed and arrested Dean, who was later prosecuted under Federal law for murder.


Agent Stuart joined the Bureau of Prohibition on 2/1/1932.  He served in offices at Columbus, GA; Montgomery, Selma, Phoenix City and Opelika, AL. Previously, Agent Stuart was a school teacher.


Agent Stuart was born in Mt. Pleasant, TX.  He was survived by his wife, Gertrude and their sons, Douglas and Francis.