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William J. Jackson Jr.

Name:  William Joseph Jackson Jr.badge 5

Date of Birth:  1895

Date of Death: 03/08/1938

Location of Death:  Elizabeth City, NC









Special Agent William Jackson and Officer John Estes of the Norfolk, VA, Police Department were conducting surveillance on Highway 17, along the Virginia-North Carolina border.  They were following a Buick sedan occupied by Joe Thomas West and Bernard E. Royals, two known bootleggers.  The officers had previously received information that West and Royals were transporting illicit whiskey.

About three miles south of the Virginia-North Carolina border they forced the  Buick to stop.  As Agent Jackson alighted from the government automobile, West and Royals immediately shot and killed him. West and Royals were later convicted of murder and sentenced to life imprisonment.


Agent Jackson joined the Bureau of Prohibition on 2/10/1931.  He was assigned to offices at Wilson, NC; Atlanta, Baltimore and Norfolk, VA. Previously, he proudly served in the North Carolina National Guard from 1916 to 1919.


Agent Jackson was born in Plymouth, NC.  He was survived by his wife, Isolaud.