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Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives

How do I identify myself or my company when completing a National Firearms Act application?

When completing an NFA application as a licensee under the Gun Control Act of 1968, the license name and trade name used, if any, must be consistent with what is shown on your Federal Firearms License (FFL). The license name and trade name also must match what is shown on your Special Occupational Tax (SOT) stamp, if any. When a business changes or adds trade names, notification should be made to both the National Firearms Act (NFA) Branch (for SOT purposes) and the Federal Firearms Licensing Center (for FFL purposes).

If a licensee utilizes a trade name, either the trade name or both the trade name and licensee name must be shown on the NFA application. If a licensee does not utilize a trade name, the business should be identified on an NFA application by the name under which the FFL is held. Applications submitted to the NFA branch not in conformity with this policy may be returned for correction.

When completing an NFA application as an unlicensed legal entity (i.e., trust, corporation, LLC , partnership), an applicant should identify itself using the full name of the legal entity. If completing an NFA application as un unlicensed person you should identify yourself on the application using both your first and last names.

Applicants lacking FFLs and/or tax stamps held by the same person or legal entity may not be eligible to have their NFA applications approved without first meeting the eligibility requirements applicable under the law.