Advanced Origin and Cause/Courtroom Techniques (Course ID ARSON-CS-0002)

Advanced Origin and Cause/Courtroom Techniques (Course ID ARSN-CS-0002)

This program is designed to enhance the origin and cause investigative skills of the public service fire investigator. It involves the in-depth study of fire dynamics, fire chemistry, electrical fire causation, burn patter analysis and fire scene documentation. Instruction will be presented through classroom lectures and practical exercises. The curriculum involves fire scene processing with an emphases on the practical applications of scientific knowledge. Students are required to process fire scenes utilizing the “team concept” and “scientific approach” and prepare technical reports documenting their findings for use in court proceedings as an expert witness. A written test is administered at the completion of the course, as well as a final practical exercise, and a mock trial which is designed to prepare the student to testify as an expert witness. The course is designed for experienced fire investigators and is highly advanced and technical in nature. Because of the advanced level of this program, student selection is considered vital to the overall effectiveness of the program. To meet minimum background prerequisites, applicants must be full-time public service employees whose workloads are focused primarily upon the investigation of arson related crimes. Additionally, the applicants must be certified Fire Investigators, OR have equivalent experience. In addition to the registration request, all applicants must submit an extensive Curriculum Vitae, which documents their experience in arson investigation, origin and cause determination, and courtroom testimony, if any. It is suggested that students have completed and course R205 or R206 at the National Fire Academy (NFA).

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TBA TBA TBA Emmitsburg, MD

Contact: The Arson Training Branch at 301-447-3437 for additional information.

Last Reviewed November 27, 2019