Explosive Industry Newsletter-June 2016 Addendum

Download Explosive Industry Newsletter-June 2016 Addendum (72.13 KB)
ATF’s June 2016 Explosives Industry Newsletter included a brief discussion of Nitrocellulose, and attempted to clarify the circumstances under which wetted Nitrocellulose is considered a high explosive under 27 CFR, Part 555.  As with all explosives, ATF’s focus is on the potential public safety risks associated with materials that can be misused or diverted to unlawful purposes.  Subsequent contact from industry members who import, transport, store or employ wetted Nitrocellulose in the production of ammunition, however, has brought to our attention issues that were not fully addressed in the Newsletter and require further consultation and consideration with the industry.  Accordingly, ATF has and will conduct further industry outreach concerning wetted Nitrocellulose.  In the interim, previously authorized industry practices concerning wetted Nitrocellulose will not be affected.