Explosives Enforcement Programs

Accelerant and Explosives Detection Canines Canines specially trained to detect explosives, explosives residue, and accelerants to assist law enforcement. Certified Explosives Specialists ATF’s primary resource for explosives enforcement and investigation related matters. Criminal Investigative Analysis ATF’s criminal profilers offer their assistance in geographic and behavioral profiling to law enforcement agencies around the world. Explosive Enforcement Officers ATF’s technical resource for destructive device determinations, military ordnance, bomb disposal, render safe and disassembly operations, and expert witness testimony. Explosive Research and Development ATF studies emerging technologies for identifying and detecting explosives and explosives effects, behavior, and devices. International and National Response Teams Veteran special agents with post blast and origin-cause expertise who help Federal, State, and local investigators meet the challenges of significant arson and explosive incidents. National Explosives Task Force (NETF) The NETF is the central communication and coordination point for ATF and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), at the Headquarters level, for explosives response coordination and intelligence matters.
Last Reviewed September 22, 2016