National Explosives Task Force

The mission of the National Explosives Task Force (NETF) is to centrally coordinate the provision of explosives expertise to investigations and to ensure the coordination of a “whole of Government” effort to deter, prevent, detect, protect against, and respond to the threat posed by terrorist- or criminally-inspired attacks using explosives in the United States (U.S.) or against U.S. interests abroad. The NETF is the central communication and coordination point for ATF and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), at the Headquarters level, for explosives response coordination and intelligence matters.

The NETF supports the “whole of Government” approach to address gaps in the coordination and consolidation of efforts in the response to explosives incidents. The program ensures the open and transparent sharing of information between ATF and the FBI, and also ensures that DOJ speaks with one voice to our Federal partners and International, State and local agencies.

The NETF is also instrumental in the intelligence gathering functions of both agencies as they relate to the exploitation of information from improvised explosives devices (IEDs). The NETF is staffed with intelligence specialists, investigators and bomb technicians.

The NETF also works with the National Security Staff (NSS) and the Joint Program Office (JPO) to align ATF’s mission, resources, and expertise with the National Strategy to Counter Improvised Explosives Devices (C-IED).

Last Reviewed September 22, 2016