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SMS Text Messaging

ATF now offers the ability to submit crime tips via text messaging. All of North America’s major carriers are on board. The unique secure and anonymous technology we utilize allows you to submit text tips to us without revealing your identity. This process was developed by the global leader in secure technology.

You may also call one of our hotlines to phone in a message or tip as an alternative. We have a 24 hour call center that takes our tips when someone is not in the office.

Instructions to submit a secure tip:

  1. Select text “Messaging” or “SMS” (short messaging service) on your phone’s main menu.
  2. Create (compose) a new message, beginning with the keyword ATF (not case sensitive) in the body of the message.
  3. Send the message to the short code of 274637 (CRIMES)
  4. Your initial submission will trigger an auto response from the secure transaction server. You will receive brief notes and a unique code number to that response. You must remember this code number, as it cannot be retrieved later. You and the ATF coordinator may elect to engage in secure and encrypted two-way dialog at the time with no additional keywords being required to communicate with the system.
  5. You can text STOP to the short code 274637 (CRIMES) at any time to rest the system where you cannot be replied to by ATF. If you do not send stop any further text messages from the same phone do not get a reply but are received. Any new text messages would require the ATF keyword again and would be assigned a new code number by the system

Standard text messaging rates may apply.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does SMS stand for?

Short Message Service. Text messages sent via cell phone are considered SMS messages.

Q: Is there a limit to the amount of characters per message?

Yes, in Canada it’s 140 characters, while the US carriers allow 160.

Q: Is this like a new digital text message 911 reporting system?

NO. This should never be used in emergencies or on very urgent matters. There are far too many things that could happen which could delay or even prevent delivery of the message and depending on when it is submitted it could be a while before it is even seen. This is a new means to allow cell phone users to submit tips via text message but never rely upon it to be any type of emergency reporting tool.

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