ATF Online Educational Seminars

Welcome to the ATF’s online educational video seminars. These video seminars have been designed to aid Federal Firearm Licensees (FFL’s) in dealing with the requirements of transacting firearms. We will be adding additional topics of interest in the near future. If there is a particular topic of interest you would like to see posted in video form please e-mail us at


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This brief video will provide an overview of the video seminar program and topics being presented.

Don’t Lie for the Other Guy Straw Purchase Awareness

Don’t Lie for the Other Guy Straw Purchase Awareness screenshot

Straw purchases account for a large percentage of firearms getting into the hands of persons who are prohibited from owning or possessing. This video seminar will help you in learning how to recognize and avoid these illegal transactions. You will see commonly used scenarios under which straw purchasers illegally attempt to acquire firearms for those who can or won't purchase a firearm for themselves.

Disaster Preparedness

Disaster Preparedness

This video will help you prepare for major or minor distasters that can happen to your business, some ways to prevent this from occurring , and provide resources available to you in the event that disaster does strike.

ATF — Public Safety and
Firearms Sales

Public Safety and Firarms Sales

Public Safety and Firearms Sales. Legal Disclaimer: The following case study is for educational purposes only. If you have any questions, please contact your own lawyer or your closest ATF office.

Conducting a Firearms Inventory
Hoover & Reed

Conducting a Firearms Inventory

Completing a firearms inventory and reconciliation has many benefits. This video covers some suggestions that will help ensure an accurate accounting of your inventory and A&D records.

Occassional Importation of
Firearms by FFLs

Occasional Importation of Firearms by FFLs

This video covers some suggestion that will help ensure accuracy during the occasional importation of firearms by FFLS

Sale of Firearms to Members of the U.S. Military

Sale of Firearms to Members of the U.S. Military

This video helps FFL's to understand the requirements for transfers of firearms to members of the U.S. Military. This instruction focuses on documentation establishing residency requirements for military personnel under permanent or temporary change of duty stations




















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