Firearms Forms

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Form 6NIA - Application/Permit for Temporary Importation of Firearms and Ammunition by Nonimmigrant Aliens (ATF Form 5330.3D) (364.68 KB)
*This form is used to apply to temporarily import firearms and ammunition for lawful hunting or sporting purposes.  For use by nonimmigrant aliens only.
Form 7(5310.12A)-7CR(5310.16) - Responsible Person Questionnaire Supplement for Use By Additional Responsible Persons for Form 7 / 7CR (470.07 KB)


This supplemental Part B of the ATF F 7(5310.12)/7CR(5310.16), Application For Federal Firearms License, is required to be completed by each Responsible Person (RP) who will be on a new Federal Firearms License.  The ATF Form 7(5310.12)/7CR(5310.16) itself only has space for 1 RP’s information; all additional RPs must complete and submit this form supplement.  This form supplement should also be used when adding responsible persons to an existing Federal Firearms license.  When submitting this form to add a Responsible Person to an already existing license, the form must be accompanied by a signed written request from a current/existing RP already on the license.  We cannot process a form to add an additional RP to an existing license without the express written consent from an existing RP on the license.



Form 7/ 7 CR - Application for Federal Firearms License (ATF Form 5310.12/5310.16) (735.59 KB)
*This new application for a Federal Firearms License (FFL) should be used to apply for all FFL types - any person(s) or entity who intend to engage in business as a firearms or ammunition importer or manufacturer, or firearms dealer, in interstate or foreign commerce; as well as those who wish to engage in curio and relic collecting activity.
Form 9 - Application and Permit for Permanent Exportation of Firearms (ATF Form 5320.9) (356.64 KB)
*This form is used to obtain approval to permanently export a NFA firearm and claim exemption from transfer tax.  State Department export approval is required prior to ATF F 9 being approved. 
Interstate Firearms Shipment Theft/Loss Report (ATF Form 3310.6) (716.05 KB)
This form is used to report the theft or loss of firearms experienced by common carriers in interstate shipment.
Marking Variance - Application for Alternate Means of Identification of Firearm(s) (781.25 KB)
*This is the form which is used by licensed manufacturers and importers requesting ATF approval to adopt markings on behalf of another manufacturer/importer during firearms manufacturing process.
National Firearms Act (NFA) Responsible Person Questionnaire (5320.23) (855.22 KB)
Please read all instructions on this form before submitting it to ATF.
National Tracing Center Trace Request (ATF Form 3312.1) (797.2 KB)
This form is used by Federal, State and local law enforcement officials to request that the ATF trace firearms used or suspected to have been used in crimes.
Report of Firearms Transactions (ATF Form 5300.5) (705.82 KB)
This form must be completed by licensees upon receipt of a demand letter issued through either the Attorney General or a Bureau of ATF official.
Report of Multiple Sale or Other Disposition of Certain Rifles (ATF Form 3310.12) (233.62 KB)
This form documents certain sales or other dispositions of rifles for law enforcement purposes. The information is used to determine if the buyer (transferee) is involved in a unlawful activity, or is a person prohibited by law from obtaining firearms.
Report of Multiple Sale or Other Disposition of Pistols and Revolvers (ATF Form 3310.4) (766.17 KB)
This form documents certain sales or other dispositions of handguns for law enforcement purposes. The information is used to determine if the buyer (transferee) is involved in a unlawful activity.
Special Tax Registration and Return National Firearms Act (NFA) (ATF Form 5630.7) (392.01 KB)

Federal Firearms Licensee’s (FFLs) who engage in Importing, Manufacturing or Dealing in NFA firearms are required to file this form and pay the special occupational tax. The tax is a annual tax that begins on July 1st and ends June 30th.

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