NIBIN ends one-man shooting spree in Denver

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Defendant: Anthony Dennis
NIBIN Impact: NIBIN linked three shootings in Denver to a single 9mm firearm, leading investigators to believe one person was responsible for all three shootings. Using this information and other evidence, Denver Police detectives and ATF agents identified Anthony Dennis as the shooter. By tying the three shootings together, NIBIN significantly influenced his prison sentence and helped solve two home invasion cases.
Defendant pled guilty to:
  • First-degree assault
  • Possession of an illegal firearm
  • Felony menacing
Sentence: 14 years in prison
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Case details
The Denver Crime Gun Intelligence Center used NIBIN to help identify and prosecute Anthony Dennis who went on a one-man shooting spree in Denver for three days in January 2015.
On Jan. 27, 2015, an unknown male broke into two Denver residences to burglarize them. In the first residence, he shot and wounded the home’s Burmese Mountain Dog. In the second, the man shot at, and missed, the homeowner.
Two days later, on Jan. 29, 2015, a man got into a fight with a rival gang member and fired several shots.
The ballistic evidence, such as the shell casings, left at the scenes from each of the shootings was entered into ATF’s NIBIN system. NIBIN confirmed that all three shootings involved the same 9mm firearm.
The case was given to Denver’s Crime Gun Intelligence Center, which follows up on almost all actionable NIBIN leads on behalf of the partner agencies.
Dennis was arrested Feb. 11, only two weeks after the first shooting. He pled guilty to first-degree assault, possession of an illegal firearm and felony menacing in Denver District Court. The firearm was never recovered.
Thanks to CGIC and NIBIN, Dennis will spend 14 years in jail.
About Denver CGIC
Denver’s Crime Gun Intelligence Center uses cutting-edge technology and a dedicated investigative team to stop shooters and identify their source of crime guns before they can commit further criminal acts. It is a partnership between ATF, Denver Police Department, Aurora Police Department, Lakewood Police Department, Colorado State Parole, the U.S. Marshals, the District Attorney's Offices for Denver, Arapahoe, Adams, and Jefferson counties, and the U.S. Attorney's Office.
Last Reviewed October 28, 2016