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Scientist preparing a slide on a microscope. The below documents are management system documents utilized by ATF Forensic Laboratories. They are provided for informational purposes only. Sensitive or copyrighted information has been redacted. The documents are used in ATF Laboratories and not published with the intent of setting a policy or analysis standard for other laboratories. The inclusion of equipment/software manufacturer names does not imply endorsement by ATF Laboratories.

The documents were current as of February 28, 2018. ATF management system documents are reviewed annually and revised as needed. For specific requests, submit a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.

Name Description Type
ATF-LS-TE14 Examination of General Unknowns and Uncommon Evidence (528.8 KB)
The trace evidence examiner may be asked on occasion to identify or compare a veritable plethora of different types of substances may become evidence in a case.
Other Trace
ATF-LS-TE15 Examination of Paint (125.22 KB)
Compare questioned and known (Q and K) paint samples based on their physical and chemical compositions.
Other Trace
ATF-LS-TE16 Trace Report Writing Published (304.08 KB)
This guideline describes the information that should be included in reports that contain expert opinions concerning analyses, comparisons, associations, and other interpretations drawn from the data generated or other information gathered during a forensic trace evidence examination.
Other Trace
ATF-LS-TE17 Tobacco Diversion Glossary (215.12 KB)
Other Trace
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