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Wednesday, May 10, 2017
Benjamin G. Greenberg, Acting
, United States Attorney
Contact: Sarah J. Schall

Miami-Based Violent Criminal Enterprise Members and Associates Indicted for Racketeering, Drug Distribution, Robbery, and Firearms Use in Furtherance of Violent Crimes and Drug Trafficking

Benjamin G. Greenberg, Acting United States Attorney for the Southern District of Florida; Special Agent in Charge Peter J. Forcelli for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), Miami Field Division; Special Agent in Charge George L. Piro for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Miami Field Office; Special Agent in Charge Adolphus P. Wright for the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), Miami Field Division; Chief Rodolfo Llanes of the City of Miami Police Department (MPD); and Director Juan J. Perez of the Miami-Dade Police Department (MDPD) announced the Indictment of fourteen members and associates of a violent criminal enterprise operating in Miami, Florida, as part of the Southern District of Florida Violence Reduction Partnership (VRP) initiative.

The Indictment resulted from the Operation Northern Light Organized Crime and Drug Enforcement Task Force that began in May of 2015. The Operation Northern Light Task Force is jointly-led by the Miami United States Attorney’s Office, FBI, ATF, and DEA, with participation from MPD, MDPD, and other state and local law enforcement agencies, and focuses on the investigation and reduction of violent crime in the north end of Miami-Dade County.

The Indictment charges the below-named defendants, variously, with racketeering conspiracy; conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute narcotics, including crack cocaine; commercial robberies; and the use of firearms in furtherance of robberies and narcotics trafficking.

Acting U.S. Attorney Benjamin Greenberg said, “Violent enterprises that choose to operate in our South Florida communities are being called to answer for their crimes with federal racketeering charges and a united partnership of law enforcement. Members and associates of criminal organizations that exploit our youth and threaten our citizens are facing stiff penalties. There is no doubt that the lure of gang culture and criminality does not pay.”

ATF Special Agent in Charge Peter J. Forcelli stated, “ATF Special Agents and Task Force Officers stand shoulder-to-shoulder with our federal, state and local partners in the fight against gun violence, which all too often plagues the communities of South Florida. This case is just one example of our collective efforts to take those neighborhoods back, block by block, and to make them safe places to live and raise a family.”

“As gangs have become more violent in our communities, the FBI and its partners will use every legal means available to include federal racketeering statutes to dismantle these criminal enterprises,” said Michael A. D’Alonzo, Assistant Special Agent in Charge, FBI Miami. “Today, the FBI and our partners are serving notice to gang members everywhere, these statutes hold serious consequences to include life in prison.”

“The dismantlement of this violent organization has allowed for a major criminal element to be removed from the community of Allapattah,” stated DEA Special Agent in Charge Adolphus Wright. “The efforts from those involved illustrates the devotion and success of the Violence Reduction Partnership which has allowed law enforcement partners at the federal and local levels to work together to rid communities of the criminal afflictions which has plagued them for far too long, and to continue efforts to keep these communities as safe as possible.”

MPD Chief Rodolfo Llanes stated, “The Miami Police Department would like to thank its partners in the US Attorney’s Office, FBI, ATF, DEA, and the Miami-Dade Police Department for their outstanding assistance in making this operation a success. By working together, we send a clear message to those individuals who blight our neighborhoods with violence that they will be brought to justice.”

“These indictments are a clear indication of the collaboration between federal and local law enforcement who are committed to stopping the senseless violence in our community,” said Juan J. Perez, MDPD Director. “If you are a criminal committing acts of violence, heed the warning because you will no longer terrorize our neighborhoods. The Miami-Dade Police is committed to this collaborative endeavor and will not stop working toward our goal of establishing a safe and secure environment, free from crime and the fear of crime.”

The following individuals are charged in the Indictment: Antonio Glass, a/k/a, a/k/a “Tone Bleedin Red (Tone Gone Bag’em),” a/k/a “Money Man Future @S16_Future,” a/k/a “smackvilletone,” a/k/a “Tone Glass,” a/k/a “,” Jermaine Bryant, a/k/a “RNS DSBF Capo,” a/k/a “@d5bf_mc,” a/k/a “Blood @_McMaine06,” a/k/a “Maine,” Curtis Bryant, a/k/a “Snow Luther King Jr.,” a/k/a “Snow Bryant,” a/k/a “Big Momma,” Quincy Bryant, a/k/a “Q,” Levi Bryant, a/k/a “Fish,” Michael Walker, a/k/a “Laid Back ManMan,” a/k/a “Baba,” Reginald Graham, a/k/a “The Real Rico,”a/k/a “To Cool Rico” a/k/a “G’Rico LongLive KingSqueezer,” a/k/a “Reggie,” Daniel Jones, a/k/a “Dodo,” Samuel Hayes, a/k/a “DSBF Jit,” a/k/a “Nba Flame,” a/k/a “Looney Hoe,” a/k/a “Sammy,” Torivis Reginal Ingram, a/k/a “DSBF Mullet,” Mario Rodriguez, a/k/a “Blood,” a/k/a “str8_crackk,” a/k/a “Tuti,” Latitia Houser, a/k/a “Angel G Berry,” a/k/a “BG,” a/k/a “,” a/k/a “Angel Bernadette Wilson,” Donzell Jones a/k/a “Zell,” and Vencess Toby, a/k/a “Vancess O’brien,” a/k/a “Red,” a/k/a “Ruby.”

Since in or around 2000, the Indictment alleges that the defendants based their operations primarily, out of the South Gwen Cherry Housing Complex, in the Allapattah area of Miami. The Indictment further alleges that defendants Glass, J. Bryant, C. Bryant, Q. Bryant, L. Bryant, Walker, Graham, Daniel Jones, Hayes, Ingram and Rodriguez conspired with each other and others to engage in a pattern of racketeering activity that involved murders, threats of murder, armed robberies, narcotics trafficking, and the use of firearms in furtherance of violent crimes and drug trafficking activity.

If convicted, the defendants may face mandatory statutory minimum terms from 10 years’ to life imprisonment, with statutory maximum terms of life imprisonment.

The investigation of this enterprise was jointly led by the ATF, FBI, DEA, MPD, and MDPD. Key participants in the investigation included the MPD’s Narcotics Unit, Gun Squad, Gang Intelligence Detail, Homicide Unit, and Robbery Unit; the MDPD’s Robbery Bureau, Narcotics Bureau, Homicide Bureau, and Street Violence Task Force. The investigation was also supported by the U.S. Marshals Service, U.S. Customs and Border Protection, Homestead Police Department the Miami-Dade Corrections and Rehabilitation Department’s Security Threat Group Unit, and the South Florida High Intensity Drug Trafficking Task Force to include the High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area-Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Gang Strike Force.

The Indictment is only an accusation and the defendants are presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law.

Through the collaborative Violence Reduction Partnership (VRP), the U.S. Attorney’s Office and its federal and local law enforcement allies have sought to dismantle the most violent criminal networks that plague communities throughout the Southern District of Florida. The charges announced today are the result of the VRP’s law enforcement initiatives. Additional information regarding the VRP initiatives is available at (link sends e-mail) or by calling (305) 961-9134.

A copy of this press release may be found on the website of the United States Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of Florida at Related court documents and information may be found on the website of the District Court for the Southern District of Florida at or on


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