ATF Celebrates Women’s History Month: Carolyn R. Johnson

Carolyn Johnson portraitCarolyn Johnson works in ATF’s Office of Management as a Management Analyst and is responsible for managing the agency’s Directives Program.

She feels inspired by her role models, Assistant Director Celina Nunez and colleague Tylunda Greene, to chase her dreams and achieve her goals. Johnson is also grateful for the strong women leaders who helped support her during her 37 years of federal service.

According to Johnson, “One month is not enough time to capture and celebrate the global contributions of women.” She said, “Women’s History Month is an opportunity to highlight women that are often overlooked and allows us to celebrate their significant contributions.”

When asked what advice she would share with younger women, Johnson said, “Be eager to learn and don’t stop learning. Accept criticism and stay away from comparisons. Be sure to connect with other women.”

Last Reviewed March 25, 2022