Reverend Crossley

The Crime and Investigation

When Reverend George Crossley, a Florida minister and radio host, indulged in a 1996 extramarital affair, the woman's husband complained to the radio station. Concerned about his reputation, Crossley decided to hire a hit man, and provided an undercover agent with a firearm.

Image of RPB industries, M-11 .380acp caliber pistol

Image of RPB industries, M-11 .380acp caliber pistol
RPB industries, M-11 .380acp caliber pistol, similar to the firearm
that Rev. Crossley provided to an undercover ATF Agent.

The Arrest and Adjudication

During a meeting with the undercover agent, Crossley discussed the murder plan. ATF and Seminole County (Florida) Sheriff's deputies then arrested him for solicitation to commit capital murder. He was sentenced to 54 months imprisonment.

Arrest Image of Reverend Crossley

Image of Arrest Picture of Reverend Crossley
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