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For Immediate Release FY 99-4
Contact: Special Agent John D'Angelo

Tel. # (202) 927-8500

Pgr. 1 (888) 553-2581
Date: March 5, 1999

ATF Assists Zambian Bombing Investigation

Washington, DC--Two Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and
Firearms (ATF) explosives experts arrived in Zambia on March 3, 1999, to
assist an investigation into a series of bombings in the capital city,
Lusaka. The two are members of ATF's International Response Team, a highly
trained unit that responds to major bombing and arson incidents throughout
the world. ATF became involved in the investigation when the government
of Zambia requested assistance from the United States through the State
Department. A memorandum of understanding between ATF and the State Department
avails ATF's resources and expertise in explosives and arson investigations
in foreign countries.

To date, the International Response Team has deployed
sixteen times to countries throughout the world. 

For further information visit ATF’s web site at,
or contact ATF’s Public Information Division at (202) 927-8500. 

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