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For Immediate Release:
Contact: Art Resnick
15, 1999

ATF and GSA Sign Agreement With District Officials On
New HQ Site

D.C.- Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes-Norton, Treasury Under Secretary
James E. Johnson, Director John W. Magaw of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco
and Firearms (ATF), Regional Administrator Nelson B. Alcalde of the
General Services Administration (GSA), District Mayor Anthony A.Williams,
and other dignitaries signed an historic agreement today to transfer
property from the District of Columbia to the Federal government as
the site for the new ATF headquarters.

construction of a new ATF headquarters building to be built at a site
bordered by 1st Street N.E., Florida Avenue N.E. and New York Avenue
N.E. will be the first step in the revitalization of this community.

am encouraged to see that the ATF is not only keeping its home in the
District, but is becoming a full partner in the revitalization of New
York Avenue," said Mayor Anthony A. Williams. "Combined with the New
York Avenue metro stop and the coming of XM Satellite Radio, this gives
us the momentum to make Northeast an economic powerhouse."

structure, still in the preliminary stages of design, will be more than
350,000 square feet and will house more than 1,100 ATF employees. These
employees will dramatically boost the economy of the adjacent neighborhood
by shopping, dining and frequenting local businesses surrounding the
building complex.

A host
of dignitaries were in attendance for this event including GSA Assistant
Regional Administrator for Public Buildings Anthony Costa, Councilwoman
Charlene Drew Jarvis, Councilman Vincent Orange, Councilwoman Sharon
Ambrose, and others instrumental in making this dream come to fruition.

Director John W. Magaw stated: "This opportunity enables us to provide
a secure building for our employees, while strengthening our ties with
the local community and the District government."

headquarters is responsible for the law enforcement and regulatory activities
of the 331 ATF field offices throughout the United States, Puerto Rico,
Virgin Islands, Guam, and several foreign countries.